Unbelievable Drama in Paradise: Sam's 'Poop Baby' Dilemma Shakes Things Up

Sam Jeffries faces a unique problem in Bachelor in Paradise, a potential "poop baby" situation.

Sam's inability to poop for nine days becomes a medical concern, and the doctor sets a deadline.

Bartender Wells Adams shares his perspective on the unusual situation and offers a humorous take on the matter.

Wells explains that the situation is both funny and serious, as Sam's reluctance to go complicates matters.

Meanwhile, Will Urena's romantic pursuit faces challenges, and Wells advises him on his approach.

Wells praises Will's sincerity and emotional intelligence, which may not be compatible with everyone.

Wells envisions a unique twist for the show, a "Golden Bachelor in Paradise" with fun activities and themed dates.

He suggests locations like Florida, Scottsdale, or Palm Springs and describes his creative date ideas.

Sam's situation continues to unfold on Bachelor in Paradise, as Season 9 airs on ABC.