Tyreek Hill threatens to blindside Micah Parsons in upcoming matchup

– Tyreek Hill and Micah Parsons are already engaged in serious trash talk on social media ahead of their matchup on December 24.

– Hill declared himself "The Cheetah" and "a lion" after putting up 215 receiving yards in the opener against the Chargers.

– Parsons took exception, referring to Hill as nothing more than a "baby lion."

– Hill fired back, saying that he has a present for Parsons on Christmas Day and that he's going to blindside him.

– He also said that he'll show Parsons who the real lion is.

– Parsons responded with a GIF saying "Did you kill a cheetah?!" – This feud is sure to add some extra spice to the Dolphins-Cowboys matchup on December 24.

– It will be interesting to see how these two superstars perform against each other.

– Hill is one of the most explosive receivers in the NFL, while Parsons is one of the most dynamic defenders.

– This matchup should be one of the most exciting games of the season.