Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole Broke Up: The Real Reason Revealed

The pair split and reconciled several times throughout their relationship.

Rumors circulated online alleging that Travis cheated on Kayla, which he vehemently denied.

Travis also addressed the rumor that he didn't pay half of his and Kayla's bills when they were together, calling it "absurd and very false."

Kayla revealed how she and Travis first met in a since-deleted Instagram Story: he had been following her and Insta-flirting for a few months, and she DM'd him on New Year's Eve.

Kayla has not publicly addressed her ex's new romance with Taylor Swift, but she did write an open letter to Black women about the ongoing "backlash and embarrassment" they receive.

In the letter, Kayla talked about how Black women are often called "a traitor for falling in love."

She also said that people will say Black women deserve the backlash and embarrassment they receive because of their race.

Kayla's letter resonated with many fans, who praised her for speaking out about the issue.

It remains to be seen whether Travis and Kayla will ever reconcile, but it's clear that their relationship was complex and passionate.