Willow and Jaden's relief as Jada Smith publicly reveals her seven-year separation from Will Smith.

Willow and Jaden pretended their parents were still together for seven years, causing discomfort and agitation.

Willow and Jaden are "extremely relieved" their parents' separation is no longer a secret.

Jaden and Willow encourage honesty and hope for healing and family unity after Jada's revelation.

The siblings were unprepared for the backlash their mom, Jada, received after revealing the separation.

Willow holds animosity towards her father, Will, and feels mocked by her peers due to the public revelation.

The siblings were troubled by their parents' decision to keep up the facade, leading to conflicts.

Willow strongly supports her mother, Jada, and questions the need to share their family's private struggles publicly.

Jada Pinkett Smith discussed the separation during an NBC News interview while promoting her memoir, 'Worthy.'

Jada attributed the separation to their unrealistic expectations of each other, leading to emotional exhaustion.