Selena Gomez Opens Up About Her Mental Health in Rare Interview

– Selena Gomez opened up about her huge following on Instagram, her relationship with her fans, and more, in a new interview.

– Selena revealed that she doesn't care about her Instagram follower count, and that her mission on social media is to help others.

– Selena also admitted that she was initially "very against" releasing her documentary, My Mind & Me, which talked about her mental and physical health struggles.

– Selena said that she's "very proud" of her documentary, but that she doesn't want to watch it again because it's too difficult.

– Selena also shared that she can be "reckless" with her emotions, and that she's working on being more mindful of her mental health.

– Selena's honesty and openness in this interview are refreshing and inspiring.

– It's important to remember that even the most successful people have their struggles, and that it's okay to be vulnerable and ask for help.