Scarlett Johansson Applauds Pamela Anderson's Makeup-Free Boldness

Johansson praises Pamela Anderson's makeup-free appearances at Paris Fashion Week, calling it a 'powerful message.'

Scarlett discusses the impact of a woman in the public eye going makeup-free, highlighting its difference from the norm.

Scarlett sees Pamela's choice as a powerful statement against standard beauty norms, inspiring other women.

Pamela Anderson's makeup-free appearances during Paris Fashion Week sparked discussions and questions.

In a Vogue France video, Pamela explains her choice as a desire to be free from competing with clothes

Pamela doesn't have a stylist or glam team, opting for a freestyle, natural look with just moisturizer.

Pamela believes it's essential to challenge beauty standards and embrace individuality rather than chasing perfection.

Pamela's journey signifies a rejection of societal pressures and an embrace of natural beauty and authenticity.