Priyanka Chopra Caught in the Middle of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' Divorce2

Priyanka and Sophie were known to be close, and Priyanka has even referred to Sophie as her sister in the past.

Priyanka also has a close relationship with Sophie's nieces, Willa and Delphine.

Priyanka is reportedly trying to figure out how to navigate the current tense situation between Sophie and Joe.

Sophie and Joe announced their split on September 6, after four years of marriage.

Since the split, Sophie has been living away from Joe and they have been co-parenting their two daughters.

On September 25, Sophie and Joe signed an interim order that agreed to keep their children in New York.

Earlier this month, Sophie and Joe reportedly started mediation in New York to help them get through their custody battle.

The judge in the case has reportedly set a trial date for January 2 in regards to custody of their daughters.