MSU Football Coach Mel Tucker Caught in Lie During Sexual Harassment Investigation

– Tucker initially told investigators that he was home in East Lansing on the night of the phone call with Brenda Tracy, but his expense report showed that he was actually in Naples, Florida, attending a golf fundraiser.

– Tucker also told investigators that he had never met Tracy in person, but USA TODAY obtained a photo of the two of them together at a Michigan State football event in 2021.

– When confronted with these discrepancies, Tucker changed his story and admitted that he had been in Naples on the night of the phone call, but he still denied masturbating in front of Tracy.

– Michigan State has suspended Tucker without pay pending the outcome of a Title IX investigation.

ucker was hired in 2019 to rebuild the program and led the Spartans to a 10-win season in 2022.

If Tucker is fired, Michigan State will need to find a new head coach before the 2023 season begins.

Tucker has denied the allegations against him and has said that he will fight to clear his name.

Tucker could also face legal consequences if the allegations against him are proven to be true.