On October 7, 2023, Gaza militants launched a surprise attack on Israel, leading to a deadly conflict.

Israeli military declares "state of war alert"

The Israeli military called up reservist soldiers and launched strikes on Gaza in response to the attack.

Gaza militants launch surprise attack

Gaza militants launched a surprise attack on Israel, firing more than 2,000 rockets toward central and southern Israel.

Deadly attack on Israeli towns and military camps

The attack led to multiple Israeli casualties. Israel's national rescue service said about 40 Israelis were killed.

Scenes of chaos as Gaza militants infiltrate Israel and open fire on civilians

Gaza militants infiltrated Israel and opened fire on civilians, sending Israelis running in fields and hiding in bushes.

International community calls for end to violence

The international community has called for an end to the violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

What can be done to end the conflict?

The only way to end the conflict is through a negotiated settlement. Both sides need to be willing to compromise and make concessions.

The impact of the conflict

The conflict has a devastating impact on both sides, killing and injuring thousands of people, destroying homes and businesses, and displacing thousands more.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is a complex and difficult issue, but it is important to remember that the violence is having a devastating impact on both sides.