Chris Evans, 42, confirms his marriage to Alba Baptista during New York City Comic Con, revealing they had two beautiful weddings.

Chris shares details of their dual ceremonies, one on the East Coast and another in Portugal, embracing his wife's heritage.

Chris and Alba are now relaxing, savoring life, and looking forward to autumn, their favorite season.

Chris and Alba tied the knot in a private ceremony near Chris' hometown, with a star-studded guest list.

Chris and Alba's relationship was kept private, but their love story became public after being photographed holding hands in NYC.

Chris hinted at wanting a family and cherishing relationships and tradition as the most important aspects of life.

Chris reflects on the importance of family, relationships, and love, emphasizing their value in his life.

Chris values tradition and ceremony, aiming to create a meaningful family life, inspired by the best artists' experiences.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista's love story culminated in two beautiful weddings and a deep appreciation for family and tradition.