Bad Bunny's Shocking Confession: Intimate Night with Kendall Jenner at a Kardashian House Revealed

Bad Bunny hints at a passionate encounter with Kendall Jenner in his new song, "FINA," from his album.

The Puerto Rican rapper's song alludes to an intimate moment at a sister's house.

Lyrics suggest a connection with Kendall, but no specifics about which Kardashian-Jenner sister are given.

Bad Bunny's song raises curiosity about the mysterious romance between him and Kendall Jenner.

In another part of the song, Bad Bunny hints at their unique way of communicating.

Bad Bunny has kept his relationship with Kendall private, leaving fans speculating about their romance.

The Grammy Award winner has made appearances with Kendall at various events, sparking dating rumors.

Bad Bunny prefers to maintain privacy about his personal life and relationships.

Kendall also values privacy and maintains a balance between public and sacred aspects of her relationships.