Are Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Getting Divorced?

Kyle and Mauricio's Clarification

In early July, the couple refuted divorce claims, stating that they've had a challenging year but love and respect each other.

Rumors of Kyle's Relationship

Rumors about Kyle's relationship with friend Morgan Wade surfaced but were denied by Kyle, Mauricio, and Morgan.

Mauricio's Podcast Statement

In late September, Mauricio created confusion by initially denying their separation, later clarifying that they are currently separated but not discussing divorce publicly.

Mauricio's Podcast Explanation

Mauricio explained that their podcast answer was misconstrued, emphasizing their effort to deal with their issues privately.

Mauricio's Reiteration

In several interviews throughout October, Mauricio reaffirmed their separation but expressed a commitment to working on their marriage.

Emotional Trailer for RHOBH Season 13

A trailer for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 revealed Kyle in tears over their separation.

Still Legally Married

As of now, Kyle and Mauricio are still legally married, though they are separated and working on their marriage.

Rumors of Mauricio's Father Dating Leslie

Recent rumors suggest that it's not Mauricio but his father, Eduardo, who is dating Leslie Bega, dispelling previous speculations.