Angel Carter's Tribute to Aaron

Aaron Carter's twin sister, Angel, honors his memory with a heartfelt tribute a year after his unexpected passing.

Angel shares a photo of Aaron's gravestone at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Hollywood Hills, as a part of her healing process.

Aaron's thoughtful portrait and memorial, bearing the dates 1987-2022, is etched on a bronze plate at his final resting place.

The inscription reads, "Beloved Brother, Son, Friend, & Father Of Prince Carter," accompanied by autumn-hued flowers.

Angel reflects on Aaron's life and invites everyone to visit, share memories, and remember who he truly was deep down.

Angel's followers offer heartfelt condolences, emphasizing the love and impact Aaron had on many lives.

Aaron Carter tragically passed away at 34 due to accidental drowning, leaving behind a young child and a history of substance addiction.

In an interview, Angel expressed the profound grief of losing her twin, describing it as an "out-of-body experience."

Aaron Carter's memory lives on, cherished by his family, friends, and fans who will never forget the person he was.