Best Bank For Google Adsense Payment In India

Best Bank For Google Adsense Payment In India

Google Adsense Payment in India is question rising by many friends on internet. They always talk to me and finally question which bank is best for your adsense payment in india.So First for those whose not known about Google Adsense, It is a platform by google to monztize your blog like this blog and Google produce lots of ads on your blog. They ads gives you revenue.

Lots of Blogger using Google Adsense in india. From the last year no of user increased and some are near to 100$ income but they are worry about how transfer Adsense payment in his bank account and which bank is best for Adsense payment transfer.

Don't Worry about it
I got monthly payment by wire transfer from Google adsense in my
SBI(State Bank of India) Bank. Charges for wire transfer too little. Many more banks also used by many bloggers for adsense payment transfer but i will used SBI and i happy for its services.

Adsense Payment Transfer Proof

I have payment proof for you and many more questions Answers on my detail post

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